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Original art, music, photography by DigArtz - Thom Williams

DigArtz New Project - Reiki Music

Buy Reiki MusicNew original tunes to help you and your pets with effects on numerous levels. This isn't the typical new age style music used other reiki music projects, it's rock / jazz influenced music you can listen to anytime.

Reiki Music is available at your favorite music retailer like Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Rhapsody and more. - just search "Thom Williams, Reiki Music." Check the stores list below. CD's in jewel cases are available at Amazon.com

A great gift for the holidays for family, friends and furry loved ones (works for pets too!) Humans are after all animals too, so there is no reason why the songs can’t be used for both four legged and two legged beings!

Buy Reiki Music Now!


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